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We all know the sayings ‘Knowledge is Power’ and ‘A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing’. These are particularly true when it comes to your personal finances.

The Canadian Investment Course is designed with the average investor in mind. It is a behind the scenes look at what the investment industry is really about. It gives you the key information you need to feel confident about your financial decisions. This applies whether you self invest, use the services of a planner or advisor, rely on a company or employers pension, or simply hold your money in the bank.


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Watch the video below to get a real classroom experience and to learn why one of the most comment investments in Canada today may be very dangerous to your wealth!



REMEMBER- it is always your money! No-one is going to take care of it the way you would. Many people feel unprepared for this responsibility, but this is the reality they face -through necessity rather than design in many cases. You know it is important but the volume of information and jargon overwhelms you. There has got to be a better way! Well now there is.
By attending The Canadian Investment Course you will be better informed. You will be confident that facts presented to you are accurate and verifiable. You will learn some of the best kept secrets of the industry. You will know if your bank or advisors are really doing a good job for you. Because we do not sell any financial products only the education you need to make the right decisions you can be sure you are receiving objective fact-based information, not some sales pitch. WE ARE CONFIDENT THAT ATTENDING THE CANADIAN INVESTMENT COURSE WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU’LL EVER MAKE!
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